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What Is A Fantasy League/Game & How To Play In Id247 Fantasy?

What is Fantasy League/Game?

A fantasy league/game is an interactive online competition. Often called managers or owners, participants create virtual teams of real-life athletes or characters. The participants then compete against each other based on the statistical performances of those athletes or characters in actual games or events.

The concept of a fantasy league/game originated with fantasy sports. Where participants typically create teams of athletes from professional sports leagues such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, or Hockey. However, fantasy leagues/games have expanded beyond traditional sports and can now encompass various genres, including fantasy-themed role-playing games, strategy games, or even reality TV show predictions.

Here’s a general overview of how fantasy league/game work:

Team Creation: 

There are many fantasy sports platform in India for Participants to draft or select players or characters from a predetermined pool to form their virtual teams. The selection process often follows specific rules and constraints, such as salary caps, position requirements, or player availability.

Player Performance:

The real-life performances of the selected athletes or characters determine the success or failure of the fantasy teams. Points are awarded based on the statistical achievements of the players in their respective games or events. For example, in a fantasy Football league, a participant might earn points when their quarterback throws a touchdown pass or when their running back gains rushing yards.

Scoring System:

Each fantasy league/game has its scoring system. Which determines how points are awarded to participants based on the actions and statistics of their chosen players or characters. The scoring system can vary significantly depending on the sport or genre and may include a wide range of statistics and performance metrics.

Competition and Rankings:

Participant teams are pitted against each other in head-to-head matchups or through cumulative scoring over a defined period, such as a week, a season, or a specific event. Standings or rankings are typically updated based on the accumulated points earned by each team. The team with the highest score or best record at the end of the competition is often declared the winner.

Strategic Management:

Participants engage in various strategic activities to optimize their team’s performance. This includes setting lineups, making trades with other participants, acquiring players through waivers or free agency, and adjusting strategies based on factors such as player injuries, team schedules, and matchups.

How To Play Fantasy Leagues/Games in ID247 Fantasy?

To Play Fantasy Games Or Participate In Fantasy Leagues, Follow These General Steps:

Choose a Fantasy Game or League:

Decide on the specific fantasy game or league you want to play. This could be a fantasy sports game like Football, Basketball, or Cricket, or a fantasy-themed game based on a different genre.

Select an ID247 Fantasy Platform:

Find a fantasy platform or website that hosts the fantasy game or league. ID247 Fantasy is a popular fantasy game platform.

Sign Up/Register:

Create an account on the chosen platform. This typically involves providing your personal information, such as your name, and email address, and creating a username and password. Some platforms may require age verification.

Join or Create a League:

Decide whether you want to join an existing league or create your own. Joining an existing league allows you to compete with other players. While creating your league allows you to invite friends or other participants to join.

Understand the Rules:

Familiarize yourself with the rules and scoring system of the specific fantasy game or league you’re playing. Each game or league may have its own unique set of rules and scoring parameters. It’s essential to understand them to maximize your chances of success.

Draft or Select Your Team:

Depending on the game or league. You will need to draft players or select characters to form your virtual team. The drafting process typically involves taking turns with other participants to choose players or characters from a pool of available options. Some games may have an automated draft system or allow for pre-determined player budgets.

Set Your Lineup:

Before each round or event, set your lineup by selecting the players or characters from your team that you want to start or play in the upcoming games or matches. Pay attention to factors like player injuries, matchups, or performance trends when making your decisions.

Monitor Player Performance:

Keep track of how your selected players or characters perform in real-life games, matches or events. Points are usually awarded based on their actual statistical performance. Many platforms provide real-time scoring updates or regular updates based on game results.

Make Strategic Moves:

Throughout the game or league, you may have opportunities to make strategic moves, such as trades, free-agent acquisitions, or lineup adjustments. Stay engaged, analyze player performance, and make changes to optimize your team’s performance.

Compete and Interact:

Engage with other participants in your league. Whether through messaging boards, chat features, or social media groups dedicated to the game or league. Follow the competition, track your team’s progress, and aim to achieve the highest score or best record to win against other participants.


Fantasy leagues/games provide an engaging and interactive way for sports and gaming enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their favourite sports or fictional universes. They foster competition, strategic thinking, and social interaction among participants. These games have gained immense popularity, with numerous platforms and websites dedicated to hosting fantasy leagues/games across a wide range of sports and genres.

Remember, the exact gameplay mechanics and steps may vary depending on the specific fantasy game or league you’re playing. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the ID247 Fantasy platform’s instructions, rules, and tutorials. Also, any additional resources they provide to enhance your understanding of the game or league you’re participating.